[SOLD OUT] Mastodrive

The first-ever Brent Hinds overdrive /// Played on the new Mastodon record /// Limited AF to 250 pcs /// Buy it now or regret it later.

  • Price $ 249.99

Real talk: this pedal is made out of stuff that goes blip blop, makes fucking great music, and just sounds right that’s all you need to know about this.

250 pieces only.

If I tell you more I will have to break off my leg and replace it with a potato launcher.

Oh, and the creature's name is Mortimer.

Just plug it in and twist the knobs and we are done with this now, I can tell you about the signal chain and what each knob does, but I don’t want to. So put in a 9v battery or plug it into the center negative 9v power supply, don't use old leaky batteries from your Toys'R'Us Lightsaber because it will destroy the Mastodrive.

Seriously...this pedal is incredible.

Explore the tone

The Low Down

Mastodrive is hand-built and guitar-tested in the EU and ships worldwide.

I guarantee that it's built to last and rock your socks off.


Run it with a 9V battery - don't fuck this up, seriously. 18V will kill the Mastodrive and I will come and find you and spit in your smoothie.

(There's a voltage pump inside that converts 9V to 27V.) (Again, do NOT use 18V!) (Ever.)