[SOLD OUT] Mastodrive II

[SOLD OUT] The final run of Mastodrive guitar pedal // Played on the new Mastodon record // Never coming back

  • Price $ 249.99

The deets: the first run of Mastodrive with the original Mortimer creature design sold out in less than 1 day.

Based on popular demand, we're reissuing the Mastodrive ONE FINAL TIME

  • 250 pieces only
  • numbered, ships with a signed certificate by Brent Hinds
  • iconic fucking tone
  • Mastodon-approved and tested in studio

Contest-winning artwork on green-puke background

  • Brent chose the creature design from our huge art contest
  • The Mortimer creature was designed by Bhagas Wirabayu
  • Excorcist-green-puke color is the canvas and it POPS

On pre-order now, ships this summer

  • this is a small batch run and we take our sweet time with it, each pedal is roasted to perfection
  • pre-order today and we'll keep you posted on the production progress and shipping dates
Explore the tone

The Low Down

Mastodrive is hand-built and guitar-tested in the EU and ships worldwide. 

I guarantee that it's built to last and rock your socks off.

Check your local import duties and taxes! We know from experience that US customers pay no taxes or customs for 1 pedal. If you are from Canada, you have to pay import duties. Other countries - please check what the rules are.