[SOLD OUT] Mastodrive B Stock

Just like the OG Mastodrive /// B-stock with small finish flaws

  • Price $ 239.99

Mastodrive vol.2 B stock also available

When life gives you a second chance, you grab it by the tusks

Long sold out, the original Mastodrive pedal was gone before you could say "centaur's helmet!".

We did find a dusty box of a few pieces that didn't pass our quality check the first time around.

Even B-stock deserves love: let's find these green guys a home

These (very few) pedals have small finish flaws like scratches, print imperfections or blemishes.

We're talkin small aesthetic imperfections, nobody kicked the shit out of them or passed them through a shredder, don't worry.

Now also available: limited edition Dirty B Hinds Patch

Sounds, plays and brings joy exactly like the OG run

It's what's inside that counts.

The circuit is perfect and all the functions are exactly the same, undistinguishable from the other pedals.

It's the final Mastodrive to be seen in the wild. Don't miss the last chance.