[SOLD OUT] The Janitor

Limited Edition Fuzz Wah // Certificate signed by Brent // Wipes the Floor with Shit Tone // 3 Fuzz Modes

  • Price $ 249.99


Limited edition custom-built pedal by Brent Hinds, on pre-order now, starts shipping soon with a Certificate of Authenticity numbered and signed by Brent!!!

"What’s up, meet my friend Earl, this beast is a mother fucker of a sweeper and you better know that he is going to clean the world from the these weird evil creatures that only he can see!"

~ Brent Hinds

Inside, the Janitor is a wicked combination of fuzz and a dynamic-sensitive wah circuit.

The Wah intensity changes with the dynamic of your playing style. You can adjust it to fit you like a janitor's glove.

The Fuzz gives you 3 iconic modes: a mellow vintage fuzz // full gain fuzz // gated velcro fuzz.

Just like the long-sold out Dirty B Hinds pedals "Mastodrive" and "Vibechange", now treasured as never-to-return collector pieces, The Janitor is built in a custom shop in the EU using high-end audio components.

This beast is assembled to perfection, guitar-tested and made for the stage or studio.

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