[SOLD OUT] Dirty B Hinds Patch

Proudly show off your Dirty Bhind

  • Price $ 9.99

The puke-green patch of honor has been called "THE tramp stamp for this century"

Stitch it on your metal vest, use it as a bookmark, wear it to the Met Gala, butter your bread with it or just do the most obvious thing: give it to your mom and tell her you love her.

This stunning piece of contemporary art slash fashion slahs knee cover will have people talking and haters hating wherever you go.

"The most stunning accessory I have ever seen."
- Anna Wintour (Vogue)

The design was created by M.A.Sadowksi.

150 pieces available only because the sheer awesomeness broke the stitching machine

Recommended pairing: a fedora, green nail polish, brown boot and a pant. 

Just look at the dynamic young go-getters wearing the patch! Do you want to feel left out of this cool crowd?

Yeah, didn't think so.