Contest winner announced: Drav Mortimer in your style for the final run of Mastodrive

The Dirty B Hinds army came in strong and you all have some insane skills. Picking the winner was brutal.

Our contest to draw-your-own-Mortimer is over and you all de-li-ve-red!

The amount of artwork we got is incredible: dozens and dozens of incredible Mortimers kept flooding in right until the very last day.

First, a quick recap of the rules:

  • Re-create Mortimer in your unique style
  • Share your Mortimer on IG and tag @lurklovesyou and @dirtybhinds with #mastodrive
  • Lurk and I will choose and crown our favorite 
  • The winning Mortimer will grace the final run of 250 Mastodrive pedals
  • The winner gets official credit, a signed Mastodrive pedal, and a cash prize
  • Submissions close on June 14th at midnight

Of course, the original Mortimer, created by Russ Morland aka Lurk, is this one...

Mortimer Mastodrive Brent Hinds

We got over 120 entries which is INSANE - and made the judging exponentially more difficult than expected.

Let's take a look.

Some masterful entries were true to the original artwork and included the mushrooms and skulls:



Other artists reimagined Mortimer in a pretty radical way:



We got monochromatic Mortimers...


...and some just bursting with stunning colors


@Truchotoys even made a Mortimer toy!

@thrasher___paul reportedly spent "every waking minute" on his masterpiece

Lurk and Brent had an incredibly tough time choosing the winner and were truly blown away by the quality of the artwork. 

But who took the green, slimy cake?




The winner of the 2021 draw-your-own-Mortimer is *drumroll* this one:

The winning artwork was create by Bhagas Cahya Wirabayu of Java (Indonesia)

Bgahas (@mtsdddd) is a sick artist and a huge fan of Mastodon and Brent, so it made us extra happy to give him the good news.


Bgahas told us a bit about his process for creating the winning art:

"When I first saw Mortimer, 3 main themes stood out for me: centaur, metal, and Mastodon's 2002 album Remission. I formulated these into one piece in my sketchbook - and boom!"

As Brent put it:

"This Mortimer is just so, so badass."

Russ (the OG Mortimer's creator) was equally blown away:

“I loved this piece it has such a dope throwback vibe, made me think of being a kid in the 80s playing D&D.” 


 The artwork will grace the second and FINAL run of Mastodrive pedals

Mastodrive Brent Hinds 

A huge thank you to everyone who sent us their art -- check out our Instagram where we meticulously reposted *all* the submissions (or at least did our darndest to capture them all).

Do us a huge favor and check out the submissions (if you haven't done so yet) and follow the artists whose work sparks joy. A lot of artists have been one hell of a time in the past year and they need the support they can get.

It's our hope that this contest helps a few people find new creative souls that they want to support. Let's spread the love everyone!

Stay awesome -- and remember that Uncle Brent loves you.