Draw in Your Style Contest: Create the art for the Mastodrive pedal for Dirty B Hinds

You can create the artwork for the final run of the Mastodrive. Contest starts now and ends June 14th

Brent Hinds Mastodrive

I kicked off Dirty B Hinds this year with a limited run of 250 Mastodrive pedals...which sold out in less than 2 hours.

Holy shit.

The pedal is now in the hands of the Dirty B Hinds army.

It has been called “fucking amazing”, “ace” as well as “not very good for buttering toast”.

Brent Hinds Mastodrive

The phenomenal artist Russ “Lurk” Morland created the artwork for the first run of my Mastodrive, with the creature I call Mortimer. 

 Mortimer on Brent Hinds guitar pedal Mastodrive

Now, I get asked by you daily to make more Mastodrive...

But I promised to keep the first run ultra-special so I will not be making any more of the same ones. 


I want to involve you in a fresh and final run of the Mastodrive.

You are going to design it. (While I take a nap.)

I hereby challenge you to reimagine Mortimer for the final run of Mastodrive

Here’s the deal: 

  • Re-create Mortimer in your unique style
  • Share your Mortimer on IG and tag @lurklovesyou and @dirtybhinds with #mastodrive
  • Lurk and I will choose and crown our favorite 
  • The winning Mortimer will grace the final run of 250 Mastodrive pedals
  • The winner gets official credit, a signed Mastodrive pedal, and a cash prize
  • Submissions close on June 14th at midnight

As for the artwork, you can go nuts but it must include your version of Mortimer! 

Also, I am obsessed with the Excorcist-vomit green of the Mastodrive, so we will be keeping that color for the background.

Remember that fresh pea-puke color is your canvas.

Excorcist color on Mastodrive

Otherwise...let Bhinds be your inspiration and show me your full-frontal creativity.

Stoked to see what you got!

I’ll be checking my feed and choosing the winner while eating granola and spinning my mad plans for global domination via the Dirty B Hinds empire, one pedal at a time.