About Brent

It all began on a cold, windy night...

All I know is that I woke up the next morning with an urge to create.

So I built a pedal - that is, a drawing of it on a napkin. It was a perfect schematic of a perfect circuit that I wanted to box and plug in to produce some of the most iconic guitar tones ever heard by human or beastly ears.

At this moment, I realized my window was open and a little bird flew in, snatching the napkin and flying off.


The schematic was forever lost.

All I remember is that it contained a pickle.

Years later, having forgotten all about this, I was on the road staying in a run-down motel somewhere near the end of the world when I heard a tap on my window.

It was the same damn bird, holding my precious schematic in his beak.

In bird language - which I understood perfectly - he told me he had treasured the circuit all these years and protected it from being used for evil.

"You're ready now," he tweeted. "Go and share it with the world."

Then he disappeared, again.

I give you my first-ever pedal: The Mastodrive

I have an inkling in my bones telling me the bird will be back to continue our collab. 

Mastodrive is only the beginning.

Stay in school!


Brent out.